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Welcome to the future, a technological age!

by Edurama

Posted on October 10, 2018 at 4:40 PM

Do you ever think of a time when we weren’t glued to the smart devices in our hands? Yes, the era of 1990s (and pre 90s) comes instantly to mind. A time of more in-person communication, endlessly waiting for information and computers being available only in select air conditioned laboratories. Before we get all nostalgic about it, that era, although charming, did come with its fair share of challenges. One can remember the time parents stood for hours in line, with application forms in their hands, hoping to enter the hallowed gateways of their top school of choice. A time when one could find the school authorities, knee deep in inundated paperwork and files in dusty cabinets, unable to find details that they were seeking well before 2-3 hours of endless searching. A time when the students had to depend completely on their teachers and be in the dark of what topic they will learn next and have no clue on how to prepare in advance for it.

The recent advancements in technology in the last two decades has helped bridge some of the aforementioned challenges. There has been an increase in access to technology through the numerous smart devices that have taken an upsurge in the market nowadays. Schools, universities, organisations and even our daily lives have taken a giant leap towards digitisation. Phone applications, ERP software, instant messaging and social media, have worked in increasing efficiency of processes and operations world over. Especially when it comes to the functioning of schools, software such as UNITY ERP have made the lives of school administrators, teachers, parents and students a whole lot easier. No more, do the parents have to stand in long queues to get an appointment or an admission form; nor do the administrators have to manually scrounge or hunt for information in their cabinets. No more are teachers and parents in the dark about their students’ performances and even their whereabouts. Even the students can analyse their own performances, know their areas of strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome their academic challenges well in advance.

It is the dawn of the technological age. The future. A time of increased control over our choices and an increased access to information. An era of high speed efficiency, productivity and excellent results.

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